Diabetes Wellness Fund

November 16th, 2009

Numinosity would like to get the word out about a wonderful new opportunity to support health and wellness in our community. Virgil Bowman has organized a Diabetes Wellness Fund to help low-income diabetics gain access to glucose testing supplies.

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Virgil says: From the viewpoint of a long-time diabetic who is blessed with excellent health care, I understand that medication, diet and exercise are all essential to my health. There is another component, however, that is just as important: blood glucose testing. Without adequate testing, my health will likely suffer despite the best medications and lifestyle. The Diabetes Wellness Fund helps ensure that diabetics who cannot afford testing supplies get them to help them maintain good health.

I have been diabetic for twenty-seven years, most of them with health insurance, but some without. Since having diabetes is expensive, there were extended periods of time that I did not test as I should have because I had to choose between paying for medication or testing supplies. For me,the results are permanent nerve damage, gastrointestinal disorders and a lessened ability to sense how high or low my blood glucose is at any particular moment. These health problems could have gotten much worse for me before I returned to regular testing, and for less fortunate diabetics, they still may.

For low- income and uninsured diabetics there are additional factors affecting their health, especially stress. Add excessive stress on a diabetic and the need for testing becomes even more critical. Stress is a terrible force on anyone’s body, but for a diabetic, excessive stress causes wild fluctuations in blood glucose. It is absolutely necessary to test during great distress.

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Please check them out and consider donating to this thoughtful campaign via The Coalition of Community Health Clinics. You will be contributing to the ongoing health and wellness of our community.  Click here for more information: Diabetic Wellness Fund.