Even More Yoga Options at Numinosity!

November 24th, 2009

Introducing: Yoga Classes with Barbara Wood at Numinosity.

Numinosity is happy to announce even more yoga options at Numinosity. Take advantage of classes from Tammy on Monday night (5:30 – 6:45 Gentle, or 7:00 – 8:15 Strength) or Barb on Wednesday nights (5:30 – 6:45 Mixed Therapeutic).

Wednesday night Yoga in December with Barb

Come work with Barb for 4 (four) weeks (Three Wednesday’s and one Thursday!) to tune up, tune in and distress during the hectic holiday season. 5:30 – 6:45, Series of 4 for $40 or drop in for $12 each class. Make checks payable to Barbara Wood.

Week 1 – Wed December 2nd – Low Back and Core

Week 2 – Wed December 9th – Hips and Legs

Week 3 – Thur December 17th – Shoulders, Arms and Neck

Week 4 – Wed December 23rd – Heart Openers and Gratitude

Barb will begin a 10 week series after the holidays. Wednesday night therapeutic yoga for all skill levels. Jan 6th – March 10th. Series of 10 for $100 or drop in for $12/class.

Give the gift of yoga to a friend or loved one. Call Barb at 503-341-6011 for gift certificate ideas.

What is Kripalu Yoga?

Kripalu Yoga is an inquiry-based yoga methodology that promotes the awakening of the life force (prana). Using classic asanas, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation techniques, Kripalu Yoga increases awareness of body, breath, and mind and encourages natural alignment.

Off the mat, this inquiry-based approach to life also encourages natural alignment and increased awareness-of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. In this way, Kripalu Yoga is the inquiry of optimal living.

Kripalu Yoga emphasizes the mechanics of yoga (proper breath and alignment) as well as the inner, spiritual dimensions of yoga practice. Students are encouraged to honor the wisdom of the body and to work according to its limits and strengths.

The primary objective of Kripalu Yoga is to awaken the natural intelligence of the life-force (the flow of prana) in order to promote thriving in all aspects of life. Because of its approach, Kripalu Yoga is compatible with all other styles and traditions of yoga practice.

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health website

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

As we struggle to keep up with the hectic pace of our busy lives, we may find ourselves longing for simplicity, inner peace and deeper meaning, for a way to heal our bodies, our spirits and our lives. Though at times we look for outside sources to guide us, somewhere deep inside we know that we must slow down, reconnect with ourselves and listen to our own inner voice.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology, encourages this deeper connection with self.

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session is a one-on-one process lasting one-and-a-half hours. Through assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogue, practitioners guide clients to experience the connection of their physical and emotional selves. Using focused breathing, this connection is held and explored, fostering release, personal growth and healing. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy website

What is Coaching?

Coaching is defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Through the establishment of a trusting relationship, the coach works with the coachee to define their goals, get clear about any obstacles and help them hold themselves accountable for achieving what they want. Coaching is a forward moving process that deals with old issues as necessary but doesn’t mine for them. Barb brings her laser-like insights and compassionate counseling skills to the service of her clients. One client said, “I felt seen, heard and then propelled into action to take a direction I’d not thought of before.”

About Barbara.

Barbara Wood, Ph.D. was introduced to yoga in the mid 1980s and remembers silently crying on her mat in her first Shavasana. “I felt like I was coming home.” Practicing on and off since then, she began a daily practice in 2003 and completed 200 hour Kripalu teacher’s training in 2004. After completing training she taught staff of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, NJ for 2 years. Barb currently teaches two classes a week at Lloyd Center Athletic Club (Monday 6:45 pm – 8:00 Intermediate; and Saturday 11:15-12:15 Beginning) and 2 per week at her work place, Children’s Nursing Specialties. “Yoga has saved my life in so many ways. Whether it be healing from physical injuries, the death of a partner to cancer, or managing so many of life’s challenges, my yoga mat has been my refuge through so much. I want to share my love and commitment to the healing powers of yoga with as many students as possible.”

Barb is also a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and an Organizational and Executive Coach, plus holds a Master’s of Education in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Human Development and Family Studies.

Besides Kripalu, Barb has trained at Integral Yoga Studio and with Cindy Lee in New York City and currently volunteers for Living Yoga through Amrita. Her classes are a blend of deep grounded introspection and light joyful play. The atmosphere in the class is one of support and relaxation as students are guided to allow their inner wisdom to be their true teacher. The smaller class size of Numinosity offer opportunities for more individualized attention. Barb’s training as a yoga therapist makes her acutely aware of the need for modifications and adaptations to fit unique needs. She’s highly creative while also being acutely aware of safety.

Call Barb at 503-341-6011 or email at barb@mindfulstretch.com for more information about classes at Numinosity, to schedule a one-on-one yoga session, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session or free coaching sample session.

Give a healing gift this holiday season:

*One-on-one yoga session to a loved one.

*Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session

*Term of yoga classes.

*Coaching Session.