The Front of the Room: Performance as Authentic Embodiment

January 21st, 2010


Most of us live in an old paradigm, which has us believing that great performance is about being judged positively. Thus, we aim to gain the approval of our audiences and spend hours perfecting ourselves, our product, our look, our skills, etc. While there is certainly nothing wrong with preparing or practicing, the problem with this paradigm is that it is this striving that becomes the very thing that makes our performances nerve-racking and exhausting for us and less then compelling for our audiences.

Many of us have spent hours perfecting our musicianship, vocal or songwriting skills, but how many of us have given ourselves the opportunity to learn about the art of performance? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to start at the beginning and then, through a gentle step-by-step process, build an awareness and experience of the factors that contribute to great performances. In an atmosphere of safety and inspiration you will learn to generate a strong and fulfilling connection with your audience that will have them on the edge of their seats and falling in love with you.


  • BEGIN to experiment with a new paradigm of performance that will further you in your career and your ability to connect with people
  • EXPAND your understanding of what makes a great performance
  • EXPERIENCE a renewed connection with the gift of who you are and what you bring
  • DISCOVER that you, just you, are the most compelling thing you have to offer
  • LEARN preparation and delivery techniques to generate your own great performances

WHEN: Saturday, January 23rd
TIMES: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
WHERE: Portland Center for Spiritual Living 6211 NE MLK Jr Blvd • Portland

INTERESTED? Please contact Lupé @

(503) 757-4037 or

What past participants have to say about this workshop:

“THANK YOU so much for the workshop. The exercises you use are amazingly simple, but surprisingly deep. Your workshop gave me tools that I can use while I am performing, especially ones that get me back on track when I have fallen deep into my judgmental self. And thank you for your great coaching!”                                              John Cashley

“I realized last night that I actually had an enjoyable performing experience after your workshop– and that is unheard of (at least had been)!!!! Your presentation was wonderful and I felt very safe with you. The feedback you gave was truly valuable and clearly came from someone that is speaking with deep knowledge and experience.”                                          Suzanne Bjork

“This workshop actually changed my life as I gained the ability to connect with people in any situation. I really learned, what you said about “the most compelling thing I have to offer is my authentic self”. I find that now I don’t worry so much about what people are thinking and whether or not they are judging me, instead I focus on being in the moment and showing up with my whole self. The results are amazing. In the past I never received much feedback about my teaching style, my classes or my talks. Now I regularly have people coming up to me after a talk or class, telling me how great it was and wanting to know more, or, I think, they just want to know ME. Imagine that!!”                                                                                 Anne Edwards