Numinosity – A Sanctuary for Wellness.

September 1st, 2010

On the move!

After five fabulous years in the tucked-away upstairs space at 26th and NE Broadway, Numinosity is moving to a new location. And, as with most movement, transition is part of the process.

Numinosity, A Center for Wellness becomes Numinosity, A Sanctuary for Wellness, with owners Christina Rose, Licensed Professional Counselor and Gina James, Licensed Massage Therapist moving to a lovely house in the 1800 block of NE Broadway.

Numinosity Wellness – A Sanctuary for Wellness

1832 NE Broadway

Portland, OR 97232

503 – 282 – 8600

Just up the street, you’ll find most all of your other recent clinicians from Numinosity at Asha Integrative Wellness, including:

Levy Chiropractic (Dr. Suzi Levy & Dr. Christy Yogerst) 503-719-5000.

Toshio Omura, Licensed Acupuncturist 503-453-6995

Marsha Hansen, Licensed Massage Therapist 503-516-2108

Asha Integrative Wellness

2100 NE Broadway St, Ste 225

Portland, OR 97232


Adam Persinger, Licensed Massage Therapist

Adam leaves for Brazil in September to complete his Rolfing training. When he returns he will be seeking out a diverse wellness practice space. Adam will return in late December; please don’t hesitate to call then to set up an appointment at 541-954-7091!

More information will be forthcoming on our website,, as this exciting transition continues to unfold. Of course you are always welcome to call us at 503-282-8600 Monday-Friday from 10-5pm if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your patience through our transitions! We so appreciate our community, and look forward to offering the same exceptional care and service in our new, and close by location beginning September 1, 2010.