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Trauma recovery, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, transitions, relationship issues, divorce/separation, infidelity, parenting, personal growth and self-discovery, spirituality, creating community and women’s empowerment

Whole Self Psychotherapy

People look for support for many reasons. Feelings of limitation and disquiet like the following are part and parcel of being human…

Yearning to be a part of a community, yet feeling alone
Frustrated that past experiences interfere with the present moment.
Moving through a life transition and wanting support and guidance.
Wondering about life purpose
Wanting stronger and more loving intimate relationships
Holding back instead of speaking freely .
Being emotionally exhausted by day-to-day life.

Restraining beliefs and patterns can arise from difficult or painful life experiences. We carry these experiences and/or memories in our minds—and in our bodies.

Healing happens when we embrace ourselves fully. Mind, body, and spirit become integrated, freeing up the energy that we’ve used to maintain negative ideas and patterns. We increase the amount of passion and spirit we have for what we love and are able to live joyfully.

Our lives are then characterized by…
Ease and energy
Stronger relationships with others
Being fully present in the moment with ourselves and with others
A sense of purpose
Giving voice to our authentic selves
The ability to identify and let go of unimportant things
The pleasure of dreaming again.

Psychotherapy doesn’t have to take a long time. When we commit fully to thriving and engage our whole selves—mind/body/spirit, healing moves more quickly. Using a multidisciplinary approach to healing, such as what is available at Numinosity, you choose the modalities that call to you—at the right time for you.

Educational Background

  • MA in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon (1997)
  • BS in History from Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon (1992)
  • Level 1 and 2 EMDR Training, San Francisco, California (2005)

Professional Affiliations

  • Returning Veterans Project NW

Christina O. Rose, LPC, LLC

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